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How to Measure Social Media Success

Designhill Panel Discussion
August 2021
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From follower counts, mentions to the post-engagement percentages, the world of social media metrics can be confusing and there are dozens of metrics that indicate your social media success. Clicks, conversions, and ROI are metrics that digital marketers must focus on while measuring the success of social media campaigns.

There are many methods and tools to measure these metrics but if you don’t know how to measure the right KPIs then you may be wasting your time.

In this session, our experts will share key social media metrics you should be measuring. You will learn how to measure them and which to focus on. They’ll even give you actionable tips on how to do so.

How Duke University Succeeds with Social Media

Social Pros Podcast
August 2020
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Coordinating social media content across campus with a large number of departments is no easy feat. However, Sonja Likness, the Director of Social Media & Content Strategy at Duke University, has created a seamless structure that upholds the university’s reputation while still giving departments their own voice on social.

As Sonja stated in this episode of the podcast, “a part of my job is to educate, give best practices, consult when they run into trouble, and to facilitate everybody talking to each other.

Social media practitioners can learn a lot from Sonja, who effectively structures countless collaborators on campus covering a range of different topics and navigates social for a popular university with approx. 15,634 students – not to mention, juggling all of this and keeping everything aligned during a global pandemic. Hear how she does it without breaking a sweat on this fascinating episode of Social Pros.

Marketing Spotlight

Digital Summit Series
August 2020
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Join Sonja Likness from Duke University to talk about marketing, YouTube and social media on the Digital Summit Series Marketing Spotlight on Facebook Live.